Немецкий Золотой двигатель SAE 40

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Product Description

German Gold Engine Power SAE 40
German Gold Engine Power SAE 40 is a mineral mono-grade engine oil for carburettor and diesel car engines with or without
turbocharging. Facilitates extended oil change intervals as per manufacturer's instructions. Minimization of friction and wear,
good cold starting properties.

With German Gold Engine Power SAE 40, a reliable and heavy-duty engine oil has been developed.

Specifications & Recommendations

API CF, API SF, CCMC G4, MIL-L-2104 D, MIL-L-46152 B
Mercedes Benz 228.0, Mercedes Benz 227.0

Product Packaging

Packaging: 1 Liter
20x bottles of our 1 Liter products are fitting in this carton.
MOQ: 1.080x bottles per article.
Packaging: 4 Liter
4x bottles of our 4 Liter products are fitting in this carton.
MOQ: 288x bottles per article.

Packaging: 5 Liter
4x bottles of our 5 Liter products are fitting in this carton.
MOQ: 240x bottles per article.
Packaging: 200 Liter
Available with German Gold Sticker or with German Gold Half Body Stretch Sleeve. MOQ: 4x drums per article.

Highlights & Advantages

Company Profile

GERMAN GOLD ® - German Gold Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Our refineries are Europe’s most modern and efficient lubricant producers for refined oil. These refineries process high quality base oils to produce diverse German Gold high performance lubricants. Quality has its origin: Made in Germany – and also a name: German Gold!

German Gold brand name products comprise of a wide range of high quality lubricants. We have a fitting product to satisfy each purpose. Our lubricants range from a selection of engine oils, transmission fluids and hydraulic oils through to various industrial oils.

With the highest of standards and level of development, our products are in conformity with all norms and specifications, which, in turn, is an asset to resources and the environment. These products are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Of course these factors also have a positive effect on your engines, machines and plants, with every single employee and partner being aware of this.

Our high quality lubricants are blended and filled using the most modern of machinery, thereby fulfilling the ISO 9001 standard. This is carried out by means of fully automated SMB and DDU processes. Our filling facility has a capacity of 30 bottles per minute meaning in excess of 28,000 bottles per day when in operation for 16 hours each working day. In addition to this, the laboratory is ISO 17025 certified thus warranting consistent quality.

Thanks to our generous inventory and intelligent storage and loading technology, we are always able to satisfy your individual requirements at any given time. In this regard you can rely upon and profit from our extensive experience. Due to our flat hierarchy and swift processing procedure, we are always in a position to respond to market demand and therefore supply you with high quality products at a fair price. Our highest priority is satisfied customers.

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