Используемое кулинарное масло для биодизеля

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We supply used cooking oil for   Biodiesel use,  best quality


Bio-diesel is used as a good replacement for traditional petroleum fuel, for its renewable character, degradation and lower discharge of pollution and greenhouse  gases.


we supply  to Biodiesel  companies our UCO for new recycling energy, which bring better future.

UCO is widely used in bio-diesel production and lubricant oil production.

 our uco comes with ISCC certificate which offers us more professional service in UCO market.

Large capacity brings us more chances to serve the customers in Europe and Asia

Our Used Cooking Vegetable oil for Biodiesel Specifications is as detailed below ...


- Free fatty acids: 3.75 %

- M.I.U ( Moisture and Impurities): 0.02 %

- Saponification value: 186

- Iodine value: 120

- Titre C (melting point): 13.75" C

- Specific Gravity @ 25'C : 0.915


Density (kg/m3) - 900 (min); 920

Flashpoint by P.-M. (Degree C) - 225

Calorific Value (kj/kg) - 36,000

Kinematic Viscosity (40 deg.C) (mm2/s) - 38


Carbon Residue (mass-%) - 0.4


Iodine Number (g/100g) - 110

Sulphur Content (mg/kg) - 20 (max)



Variable Properties:

Contamination (mg/kg) - 25 (max)

Acid Value (mg KOH)/g) - 2.0 (max)

Oxidation Stability (110 deg.C) (h) - 5.0 (min)

Phosphorus Content (mg/kg) - 15 (max)

Ash Content (mass%) - 0.01 (max)

Water Content (mass%) - 0.075 (max)




The oil is fully filtered and contains no impurities.


Our Used Cooking Oil is collected from hotels,restaurants, and bakeries and so

on which is good feedstock for biodiesel production having the capacity to provide you huge quantity and good quality of used cooking oil regularly and long term relationship

Contact us for more information

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