Испанское Экстра натуральное оливковое масло, 5 литров на выбор для приготовления пищи и приправ

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“It's funny how something so healthy can be so delicious. Just one tablespoon can turn your salads into authentic gourmet dishes, your cheeses into the ideal companion of a great wine or transform your recipes into a topic of conversation…” These are some of the things that our OLIVE OILS do in Spain and the world.


At Mixt, we help local Spanish producers to boost their sales around the world!


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if you have experienced situations in which:


• You do not know how to improve the image of your company

• You communicate more, but the conversion is low

• Your sales do not increase and the margin decreases

• You are unable to retain your customers, even though you offer discounts


You may be interested in what we can do for you:


• Our Spanish products have a single objective: That you sell more and better

• That your company is among the first in the mind of the target customer

• Develop distribution channels for perceived value


Our team has more than 10 years of international experience in Distribution and Consumption in various sectors, but they all have something in common, valuable customers are kept by service...


Enjoy our catalog. Cheers!




Product: Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liters Pet


Short description: Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures.


Box of 3 units

MOQ: 40 Boxes




A select extra virgin olive oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, our range of virgin oils are greenish yellow in color, have great stability and stand out for their fruity, slightly aromatic, and almond flavor.


All our oils have a maximum acidity of 0.5o, a humidity and impurities of less than 0.1% and a peroxide value of less than 20.

One of the main factors that endows our products with great quality is the selection made at the time of harvest, using only the olives found on the tree and discarding any falls to the ground, as well as the time elapsed between the collection and subsequent grinding of the olives.


Most of our olive trees are found in centuries-old olive groves, thus extracting a traditional and great-tasting oil grown in a plantation framework of between 130-150 olive trees per hectare. Our olive trees are grafted onto wild olive trees, it is an abundant species in the Comarca of La Serena.


This fact, together with the fact that they are olive groves located between mountains, means that there is a characteristic microclimate, which significantly influences the quality of the final product.


To produce our oil, we use 90% of the Cornezuelo and Jabata (Picual) varieties, the remaining 10% corresponds to the Mollar, Corniche, Pico-lemon, Morilla and Cornicabra varieties.



Size: 5 liters


Nutritional Information: Per 100ml


·         Energy Value: 3700KJ / 900Kcal

·         Fats: 100g, of which

o   Saturated: 15.83g

·         Carbon Hydrates: 0g, of which

o   Sugars: 0g

·         Proteins: 0g

·         Salt: 0g




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