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Products Description

Product name
Freeze Dried Miso Soup
Brand Name
Rokko Miso
Place of Origin

Red miso soup made with Made in Japan Nameko (Variety of Mushroom) that brings a smooth feel to the soup
Miso: A red miso soup that is made from a unique combination of sweet rice red miso and soybean miso.
Ingredients: Nameko (Made in Japan), Japanase honewort (Made in Japan), Wakame seaweed
Ingredient name: Miso (Made in Japan), nameko, extract of dried bonito, Japanese honewort, dextrin, yeast extract powder, starch, dried wakame seaweed, sugar/ Antioxidant (vitamin E) (including soybeans)
Contents: 7.9g

Eggplant color, fresh and popular miso soup
Miso: Mild sweet rice red miso aged in our company’s warehouse in Ashiya
Ingredients: eggplant, green onion, fried tofu, wakame seaweed,
Ingredient name: Rice miso (Made in Japan), fried eggplant, fried tofu, dextrin, dried sardine extract, dried wakame seaweed, starch, dried onion, dried bonito extract, kelp powder/ Tofu coagulant, antioxidant (vitamin E) (including soybeans)
Contents: 9.6g

Miso soup with onions made in Japan and beaten eggs
Miso: A combination of sweet rice red miso and white miso aged in our company’s warehouse in Ashiya
Ingredients: onion (domestic), egg (domestic), aburaage, green onion, wakame seaweed
Ingredient name: Rice miso (domestic production), egg, onion, oil raising, spinach, mirin, dried wakame seaweed, dried bonito extract, starch, yeast extract powder, Dextrin, dried onion, kelp powder, shiitake extract / coagulant for tofu, antioxidant (vitamin E) (including eggs and soybeans as part of the raw materials)
Contents: 11.0g

Traditional miso soup with tofu made from Japanese soybeans and large wakame seaweed
Miso: Mild sweet rice red miso aged in our company’s warehouse in Ashiya
Ingredients: Tofu (We use Japanese soybeans), wakame seaweed, fried tofu, green onions
Ingredient name: rice miso (Made in Japan), tofu, fried tofu, soybean powder, dried bonito extract, dried onion, dextrin, dried wakame seaweed, yeast extract powder, Starch, kelp powder / coagulant for tofu, antioxidant (vitamin E) (some of ingredients contain soybeans)
Contents: 9.4g

Company Profile

Natural, gentle Italian style cooking that please and delight the health and body.
Even if we are in front of the station, we are a little hide house-like restaurant, but, once you take a small step inside, you will be absorbed by Bottega Blue atmosphere.
We are trying our best day by day to reach a cooking that our customers would like to eat and be pleased every day.
Our Chef, who trained and worked at a starred Gualtiero Marchesi's restaurant in Italy, won a national Italian cuisine competition in Japan, and won 2 awards given by Italian culinary journalist, try to create every dishes in the most elegant and warmest way possible.
Currently we are working with Sustainable Restaurant Association Japan.
In contrast with our searching of elegant dishes, the atmosphere of our restaurant is casual and is beloved by visitors of all ages.
Every products we use and offer, from the vegetables to the wine, it's organic.

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