Традиционное корейское рисовое вино премиум-класса Samyangchoon Yakju мягкий сладкий и насыщенный аромат без сахара

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Product Description


Korean White Wine Made of Rice
Samyangchoon Yakju (CHEONG) is a high class premium rice wine, prominent for its perfectly balanced taste. 

Samyangchoon Yakju carries the notes of dry Riesling while still giving the honest earthiness of rice. It starts out a little sweet but some puckering tartness keeps it from being treacly. The clean finish makes it pair well with foods. Best drunk chilled in a stemmed wine glass.

Style : 
Wine-like rich texture, smooth like white wine
Aroma : fruity, honey, heather, apricot
Flavor : Rieslingesque, stone fruit, kiwi
Enjoy : Chilled in stemmed wine glass

Samyangchoon Brand

Incheon Local Specialty Brand Samyangchoon
SAMYANG [三釀] "Brewed three times"
CHOON [春] "Spring" or "The wine is at its best when it is brewed in winter and served in spring"

The name "Choon-ju (Spring wine)" was only given to the finest liquor in the past.
The Brand SAMYANGCHOON aims to be the Choon-ju of the modern era.

SAMYANGCHOON brand is registered as the first and only Incheon Local Specialty alcoholic beverage.

Following 1000 Years Old Tradition
SAMYANGCHOON Brand has its roots in 'Samhae-ju', one of the oldest liqour brewed in Incheon, Seoul and Gyeonggi-do regions, dating
back to the late Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).
SAMYANGCHOON follows the traditional 3-step fermentation process, followed by long-term & low temperature slow aging process, giving the wine profound and rich flavor.

Natural Ingredients of Samyangchoon
SAMYANGCHOON products are brewed with Incheon's premium rice grown in Ganghwa Island.
We also use traditional Korean wheat Nuruk and rice Nuruk for the fermentation starter.
We do not use any additives or artificial sweeteners to boost artificial taste.
We let the liqour brew itself slowly and naturally.

Logo Design
The 'three brush strokes' represent the value and identity of the SAMYANGCHOON Brand.
Starting from the left to right, the three strikes gradually grow into complete shape.
They symbolize the triple-brewing process of Samyangchoon Completion.

Samyangchoon as Celebration Drink

Samyangchoon has been chosen as official celebration drink for multiple international conferences and forums held in Incheon and Seoul.
6th OECD World Forum Official Celebration Drink

Culture City of East Asia 2019 Incheon City Opening Ceremony Banquet Celebration Drink
APEC Forestry Week Celebration Drink
KITA Global Sourcing Fair Celebration Drink
Seoul Awards Global Sourcing Fair Celebration Drink

Certifications & Awards

Exhibitions & Events

Exhibitions & Buyer Meetings
Songdohyang Brewery participates in many exhibitions and buyer meetings
in order to actively contact domestic and global buyers and clients.

Company Profile

Songdohyang Brewery

Songdohyang Brewery Co., Ltd. is a Korean traditional Brewery located in Incheon City. The brewery is in Namdong Industrial Complex Area, located 30 minutes from both Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port.

Our main brand is SAMYANGCHOON, premium rice wine & distilled spirits brand. We do not use any artificial additives such as preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

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