Премиум, полузатвердевающий, хром (3 упаковки) | 280 г [Торре нунез]

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Semicured chorizo for cooking. Divisible pack of three units in vaccum packaging.




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Torre de Nuñez was founded in Lugo, the area of Galicia where meat is art. We have been dedicated to the production of meat products for over 50 years.

Its founder, Manuel Nuñez and Asunción Torre began the distribution of their products throughlogo torre de nunez.jpgout Spain more than a half century ago. The enthusiastic reaction to their products leads to a major expansion that began with the construction of our first factory on the outskirts of the city of Lugo in the 80s.

Torre de Nuñez continued to grow, reaching more and more consumer as it established itself as a leading brand in the regional market. Then, in 2000 we built a 15.000 m2 plant equipped with the latest technology to produce meat products. Years later, the expansion continued with a new plant exclusively to the production of ham with a capacity of 400.000 units per year. In 2016, we inaugurated the new slicing plant and 3 years later we increased our capacity with 3 slicing lines.

In all these years, we have focused on improving our products and customer experience every day. We always strive to satisfy our customer to offer them the best value for their money.



Our Quality Assurance department has always worked tirelessly to ensure our customers in every market always receive the best products complying with the strictest standards in the industry.


It has been 50 years since our founder select the Duroc breed for the production of our hams and cured meats. The breed Duroc is characterized by producing meat with a higher level of intramuscular fat, which makes the meat juicer with a better flavor. In addition, our slow curing process always guarantees an optimal level of salt that characterizes our products.

PRIZES:  iTQi 2017 Superior Taste Award & iTQi 2020 Superor Taste Award




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