Подсветка сенсорный сенсор емкостная сенсорная кнопка клавиатура PCB

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Product Description

What is capacitive touch switch?

Capacitive touch switch combined normal panel and capacitive sensor together.Unlike traditional push-button switches, capacitiveswitches don’t need press,.Only put finger on the button in the sensing area, can be recognized by the machine through the filmsensor operation.Most of the buttons are made by acrylic panels or injection parts with backlight display function which has agood appearance .Capacitive keypad has a fashionable appearance and long service life, so it has great advantages in many applications such as smart home appliances, cars, mobile phone communication, medical instruments and toys.

Technical Specifications

Electronic Characteristic
<35V ( DC )
<100mA 1W
Operation Force
flat type 57-284g (2-10 Oz), tactile type 170-397g
(6-14 Oz
Contact  Resistance
10Ω--500Ω (According the
trace length and materials to confirm)
Life Expectancy
flat type ≥ 500 milliontimes,
tactile type: ≥ 100
million times
Insulating Impedance

>100MΩ 250V DC
-40 °c ~ + 80 °c
Resistance  of the wire

<1 Ω/cm width 1.27mm

-40 °c ~ + 85 °c

Advantages of Capacitive Touch Switches comparing to traditional Membrane Switches

•Long service life, the key usually has life in 5-10 years, and is not limited by the use of times
•Water immune and dust proof solutions
•Very easy and low cost to be backlit
•Combined with injection molding inside the film to produce IME parts or more decorative panels of different shapes
•Stylish appearance, flexible design, glass, acrylic, PC can be used as decorative panels, printed with any arts and patterns
•Can incorporate haptic feedback
•Line noise elimination
•Multiple keys or sliders
•Extremely fast touch response -160 milliseconds
•Very low current requirements
•Single or multiple cells – touch screens
•An excellent solution for product upgrades or retrofitting
•Configurable: I2C, SPI, TTL Serial UART, USB HID, RS232, RS485
•Affordable technology

capacitive touch switch construction


Intelligent Induction Equipment
Consumer Electronics

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