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Product Description: 


Top quality biodiesel price from used cooking oils

Biodiesel is a relatively clean fuel, widely used in automobiles, tractors, trucks, ships and so on. It refers to oil crops such as soybean, rapeseed, cotton, palm, wild oil plant and engineering micro algae and other aquatic plant oils and animal fats, food waste oil as raw oil by ester exchange and thermal chemical process can replace petroleum diesel made of renewable diesel fuel.

Biodiesel is the single alkyl ester of fatty acid (fatty acid glycerol triglyceride) with alcohol (methanol or ethanol) transesterification, and the most typical is fatty acid methyl ester. Compared with the traditional petrochemical energy, the sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbon content is low, the flash point is high, the hexadecane value is high, has the good lubrication, can be added in the fossil diesel.


Product standards(B100)

 ItemsQuality standardRemarks 
Kinematic viscosity /(mm2/s)3.5- 5.0 
Flash point (silent)/℃  min120 
Sulfur content (mg/kg)   max10 
Carbon residue /% max0.3Mass fraction
Sulfate ash /%      max0.020Mass fraction
Water content /%     max500Mass fraction
Mechanical impurities (mg/kg)24 
Copper corrosion (50℃,3h)/ class  max1 
 Cetane number          min51 
Acid value /(mgKOH/g)         max0.5 
Methanol content /%            max0.2Mass fraction
Free glycerine content /%        max0.020Mass fraction
Total glycerol content /%          max0.25Mass fraction
The content of monoglyceride content /%     max0.8Mass fraction
90%Recycling temperature/℃                    max360 
(Na+K)/(mg/kg)      max5 
(Ca+Mg)/( mg/kg)    max5 
Ester content /%              min96.5Mass fraction

Phosphorus content( mg/kg)  max

10Mass fraction

0.0106 s.