Свежесобранное Экстра-большое среднее и маленькое коричневое яичко бройлера для продажи

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we supply Fresh Table Eggs from Chicken, Ostrich, Ducks,hatching eggs and others.

We have the full in house infrastructure to handle egg export of any volume. We also produce paper cartons and moulded paper trays which are the primary packing materials and the logistics cold chain to deliver top quality fresh chicken eggs to all our customers:


Fresh Brown and White Eggs
Grade A 70grams
Size : 50 55 gms
Weight: 65gms to 70gm
In the Interior of the egg a thick albumin and medium dark yellow yolk colour
Thick and smooth shell for the brown shell eggs
Free From
New castle diseases
Avian influenza
Contagious diseases
Salmoneliza free
Mycoplasma free


Export Packing Specification : -
30 eggs laid on paper pulp moulded trays.
‘12’ trays packed in – ‘5’ ply strong export cartons
360 – eggs per carton box
1312 – carton box per 40ft – Reefer container
472, 320, – eggs per 40ft Reefer container



Name: Fresh Table Eggs
Shelf Life:6 months
Length:7 cm
Color:White & Brown
Size: Small, Medium, large.extra large
Weight: Ranging from 45gms to 73gms
Packing: 30 eggs are packed in each chemically treated paper pulp tra
Shipment:20' & 40' High Cube Reefer Containers


We have Fresh Brown and white table eggs ready for supply.

We have the following egg sizes:
Small (43 - 53 g)
Medium (53 - 63 g)
Large (63 - 75 g)

Packing: A wide range of best quality and strong seaworthy export
cartons is available.
All cartons contain 360 eggs packed on trays. Each carton contains 12 trays,
containing 30 eggs each.

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