Coking уголь антрацит углеродная добавка для литья металла

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Product Description

Coking coal anthracite carbon additive for metal casting

Anthracite Carbon Additive is a black granule made of anthracite coal. Anthracite Carbon Additive (Carbon containing material) is produced from coal by dry crushing and high-temperature processing.

Carbon-containing material is used in various metallurgical processes in the melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Specifications (Chemical Composition): Moisture - 0,5-3,0 %, Ash content - 4,0-15,0 % , Sulfur - 0,75-1,5 %, Volatile matter - 3,0 % max, Fixed carbon - 80-95 %. The necessary quality indicators are agreed with the customer individually.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging DetailsPolypropylene big bags (800 to 1200 kg); paper bags (10,25,50 kg)
Unit TypeTons

Our Company

LLC 'Aqva - Uglerod'


The company 'Aqua-Carbon' LLC was opened in 2016. In a short period of time, our company has established itself as a reliable supplier both in the domestic and foreign markets. Our company produces carbon-containing materials from high-quality and highly enriched anthracite with a low content of sulfur and volatile substances.

Our own production facilities provide a complete technological cycle of production. The production capacity of the enterprise is up to 9 thousand tons of finished products per month.


The production of carbon-containing materials is carried out by crushing, heat treatment and fractional division of carbon-containing materials according to the individual technological requirements of our customers.

The carbon-containing material is manufactured in accordance with the customer's requirements: the fraction, physical and chemical parameters are formed directly to the customer's needs in full compliance with the agreed technical conditions.

For the purpose of quality control, we perform the following procedures:

Each output batch is provided with a quality certificate; Samples of carbon-containing materials are sent to the customer in the original packaging;

The final product is packed in big-bag bags with a thermal pad or in paper bags with a valve.

Each one is marked with the following information: date of manufacture, fractional composition, batch number and a brief physical and chemical information about the product.

OUR PRODUCTS are used in various industries:

Injection carbon, Recarburizer, Anthracite Carbon Additive, CarbonRaiser, slag foaming agents are used in the metallurgical industry:

when smelting steel to increase the carbon content of steel,

in the smelting of steel for foaming slags (USM is blown into the liquid bath of chipboard simultaneously with the supply of oxygen)

in the production of ferroalloys as a reducing agent.

Anthracite filter media, Hydroanthracite are used in the field of water treatment, water treatment:

as a filtrant for the preparation of drinking and industrial water;

for water treatment in the recycling cycles of metallurgical enterprises;

for the treatment of waste water contaminated with petroleum products;

for water treatment at thermal power plants;

for additional treatment of biologically treated municipal wastewater;

for desalination of water. Competitive advantages of carbon-containing materials of the company 'Aqua-Carbon' LLC:

high-quality raw materials are used in the production (low-ash and low-sulfur anthracite);

we can issue a certificate of origin upon the Customer's request;

the finished material has high-quality indicators (our production complex allowed to reduce the moisture content in the products to 0.5%);

carbon-containing material has a competitive price compared to domestic and foreign companies;

wide scope of application of carbon-containing materials of the company 'Aqua-Carbon' LLC.


Packaging of each product is carried out in polypropylene big-bag bags with a capacity of 800 to 1200 kg with a polyethylene liner to protect against moisture and UV rays. It is also possible to pack the finished product in paper bags of 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg.


Delivery of products can be carried out by the following types of transport

Railway transport (we have our own access roads);

By sea (port of Novorossiysk), shipping is carried out in containers;

By road with a relatively small party.

The delivery method is selected individually depending on the location of the destination.


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We are manufacturers. Our production is located in Russia.

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