best grade instant dry European yeast

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It is especially fit for light bread, salty bread and other fermentation snacks with less sugar content (below 8%) like French bread, steamed bread and bun and crusty pancake.It has high salt tolerance, strong activity, quick fermentation and powerful oven-spring. The finished steamed products have big volume, regular inner structure, smooth and mild taste while the finished baked products have big volume, loose inner structure, pleasant and crispy taste.

Generic name: Dry baker's yeast
Enough for 500 g wheat flour, the equivalent of 25 g fresh yeast


Ingredients: yeast, emulsifier sorbitan monostearate.
Packed in a protective atmosphere.
minimum shelf life ( in months): 18
remaining shelf life (in months): 9
dimensions of package (mm): 67x10x100

Want to bake with yeast, but don’t know when to use fresh yeast and when to use dry?

Quite simply, you can choose whichever you like. Both achieve the same result! In comparison to fresh yeast, however, dry yeast keeps much longer and does not need to be chilled. With our yeast, you’re well equipped for all kinds of sweet and savoury baking. Whether you’re making bread or pizza bases – our dry yeast lends a helping hand. One sachet is enough for 500 g flour.


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