Hot selling HPS powder, great construction additives

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Viscosity (mPa's, 5% water solution)     4000 
Moisture (%)  ≤11.0 
pH Value     5-11.5 
HydroxypropylContent (%) 20-40 
Protein (%) 5-7  
Fat (%)≤3.0 
Ash (%)≤11.0
Chloropropanols (%)≤0.0005 
Sulfur Dioxide≤0.003 
Heavy Metals (Pb %) ≤0.003 
Arsenic (as As %) ≤0.002 

Product Introduction


HPS is a kind of ionic hydroxypropyl starch ether, which is produced by a series of chemical and physical reactions with starch as raw material. It is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless white or beige power, which can be dissolved in cold water to form transparent or translucent viscous liquid. It is effective in thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsification, suspension, adsorption, surface activity, water retention and so on.  _03.jpg

Our advantages:
1.Rich experience in production and application.

2.The first manufacturer that independently researched,developed and manufactured construction chemical additive products,including Redispersible Polymer Podwer,Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose,Polyvinyl Alcohol and Superplasticizer in Jinan,capital city of Shandong Province

3.Wide range of construction additive products.

4.ISO9001,ISO14001 certified.

5.Fast delivery and excellent after-sales service.

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