Высококачественный Итальянский сладкий и кислый брокколи от Bassano

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Products Description

Sweet and Sour Broccoli from Bassano
Broccoli from Bassano is a rare and limited cultivation in the territory. It is a tender and delicate product, which is celebrated at its best with this particular sweet and sour recipe.
The latest version presents a black lid and a new design of the label: IL CAVALIERE D'INVERNO (The Winter Knight), one of the main characters of our collection inspired by the Chess Square of Marostica.

Why Choose Us

Borsato is a collection of local specialties, handled with ancient family recipes.
Italy has a tradition of farms and flavours, preserved and shielded thanks to a cultural heritage jealously passed on from generation to generation.
The Borsato company, respectfully to this philosophy, is rediscovering the old family recipe books, and with the same attention to quality, has chosen to reproduce those authentic rustic treasures.
Borsato’s passion is shown in the selection of raw materials from local sources, in the desire to preserve the tradition with a limited production and with the respect for the soil in a short supply chain from the farmer to the product into the jar.
Our preserves and our “giardiniere” derive from that typical carefulness of those who grew up in the fields. Farming with patience, processing the pure ingredients and preserving their flavours, is a precious secret to guarantee over the time the treasure that the crops give back to those who take care of them.
These values are the roots of the Borsato collection: authentic recipes just “as they once were” and traditional recipes revisited in a modern way, constantly looking to innovate with taste, with one fundamental point: the highest quality.

Company Profile

Borsato srl was born in Bassano del Grappa (VI) and is based on three key principles: attention to the supply of 100% Italian raw material exclusively from attentive and responsible growers, traditional family recipes and the desire to search for new products preserving the natural flavours.
Andrea Borsato is the manager of the Borsato - Eat like Italians do project and sales representative contact for the distribution of Borsato brand products, with experience in the international marketing of Italian cuisine excellences.

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