Японский рисунок Грина сетучи лимона

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Japanese Craft GIN Setouchi Lemon 700ml
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Taking advantage of the deliciousness of the material,
Craft gin born in Setouchi

Founded in Kure, Hiroshima in 1856 (3rd year of Ansei).
We at Miyakehonten have been working on sake brewing for over 100 years while valuing the taste of sake, with a strong will to "continue to take on new challenges while preserving tradition."
Starting from Hiroshima and delivering sake nationwide and overseas, we were reminded of the fact that we live every day surrounded by abundant nature and the charm of sake cultivated there. I have a strong desire to convey this to Hiroshima.
And in 2020, we started the development of gin in the land of Setouchi. From a new angle of gin, not just sake, we will continue to convey the deliciousness of Setouchi sake that makes the most of the ingredients to the world.

<Commitment to the taste of "Craft Gin Setouchi Lemonade">
What we valued most was "a taste that makes you feel the deliciousness of lemon." Generally speaking, the taste of gin is difficult to convey and there are only a limited number of people who are familiar with it. By daring to choose lemon as a keyboard, we aimed to make it an easy-to-drink gin for everyone from beginners to heavy users. Then, through trial and error to express the deliciousness of the lemon, we finished it with a rich aroma and taste that gives the lemon a fresh and fruity feel.

In addition, by combining green tea that goes well with lemon, the taste of gin is further deepened.
The water used is Kure's famous water "Haigamine underground water". Haigamine is an independent peak with an altitude of 737m that rises greatly in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Underground water flowing underground in Haigamine is pumped from 60m underground at our own well and used. High-quality water containing moderate minerals is classified as soft water, and has the characteristics of being soft, mellow, and easy to drink.
By making the best use of these materials and elements, a refreshing scent that makes you feel the lemon peel of "Craft Gin Setouchi Lemon", and an exquisite taste with a good balance of subtle sweetness and bitterness were born.
It is a unique feature of this product that it may become cloudy with rock and carbonic acid due to the abundant citrus oil. Please enjoy the special taste.

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