Итальянское био-органическое оливковое масло 100 мл лучшего качества, банка Madre Terra в подарочной коробке для приготовления пищи и повязки

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Products Description

MADRE TERRA Evoo Organic 100ml can in gift box
This oil is obtained from olives of the "BOSANA" variety under organic farming, from centuries-old plants located on calcareous soils, in a particularly windy hilly area, not far from the sea.
Exposure to sea winds gives our oil unique scents, enriching it with flavor, which makes it particularly suitable for raw dressing typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, salads, seafood appetizers, shellfish, fish stews and fine meats.
With the MADRE TERRA line we wanted to give our oil the importance that adds value to goodness, making the bottle of MADRE TERRA a prestigious gift to take to friends' homes or to serve on our table.
Intense aroma of fresh olives, strong flavor, emerald green color.
Its taste is spicy and bitter, decisive and persistent, with hints of thistle and artichoke.

Company Profile

“A good quality oil is made in the countryside.”
This is what our grandparents claimed and it is there that we concentrate our efforts, both in the cultivation that occurs under
the system of biological agriculture, and during the harvest that occurs from the trees by mechanical means.
All the agronomic cultivation and harvest practices in our groves, located opposite the Gulf of Asinara and in the countryside of
Sassari, are carried out by our family farm, Azienda Agricola Madre Terra.
The virtuous cycle is completed by the olive-oil extraction at cold that we do within a day’s time, in our business olive-press:
this allows us to fully preserve the organoleptic properties of our olives and conveys them to our oil, thus guaranteeing the
maximum quantity of polyphenols which, as it is well known, represent the most important healthy component of extra-virgin olive
oil. And so, our oil is not only good but also healthy.
In accordance with the rigorous respect of these rules, we produce three varieties of oil that differ according to the degree of
maturation of olives that are all monocultivar Bosana.



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