Кофе Арабика, одноместное производство Эфиопии, Yirgacheffe, высококачественный молотый кофе

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Product Description

We are a premium and 3rd generation coffee producer from Turkey. We have a monthly production capacity of 125 tons. We import the best ARABICA coffee beans from the most renowned coffee co-operatives around the world. Namely:
-Brazil / Santos
-Guatemala / El Jaguar
-Columbia / Medellin
-Ethiopia / Yirgacheffe
-Kenya / Savana
We use the latest technological machinery for griding and roasting the coffee.
With filter coffee and espresso coffee beans selections, our coffee is packed and ready to be sold to the end user in retail with 175% - 250% profit margin. For the bulk quantity orders, we also do private label production.

Company Introduction

We as TCW coffee have been in coffee production for the past 10 years. We produce premium and 3rd generation coffee. We import the best coffee beans from 5 different countries and we use the state-of-the art machinery to roast the coffee. Thanks to our extensive will to improve ourselves, we work with the top taste consultants to reach the highest quality of taste. We use new age doypack packaging and weekly roast the coffee, in turn, our coffee's shelf life can go up to 24 months. Our coffee doesn't create regular customers, it creates coffee addicts!

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