Кофейные зерна, Арабика, необработанные кофейные зерна, Прямая поставка из Южной Африки, качество фермы, необработанный зеленый Max Ric

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Arabica Coffee Beans Raw Coffee Bean 25 KG BAGS



13-15 mesh screen;14-17 mesh screen,17+mesh screen


13% max.


99.5% min.


8% max.



 Product Name Raw  Green  Arabica Coffee
 Variety Arabica  Coffee Bean
 Grade Food Grade
 Appearance Brown seeds
 Cultivation Type Organic
 MaturityCoffee Bean
 Processing Type Green

 As Per Request 

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Arabica coffee is suitable for growing on the mountain at an altitude of 800-1800 meters,it will taste sour if the altitude,and our arabica coffee is grown at the altitude of about 1000 meters in the dry-hot valley area, so the sourness is moderate and the aroma is rich and mellow with excellent quality, average temperature is suitable for growing of arabica coffee,so it cultivated here tastes strong but not bitter,sweet but not intense,the fruit are small and well-balanced.

type: arabica coffee beans (grade aa)

item no.: yuc-04

origin: EthiopiaEthiopia

screen: s18, s16

processing type: washed

moisture (max): 12.5 %

foreign matters (max): 0.1 %

broken bean (max): 0.5 %

black bean (max): 0.5 %

min: 90% s18, s16

packing: jute bag (25kg/50kg)




arabica and robusta coffee beans , green coffee beans



moisture: 13% max. 

foreign matter: 0.5% max 

black & broken:2% max. 

on scieve screen 16: 90% min.


1.robusta coffee screen 13, grade 2



specification:           moisture:    13% max.


                                          foreign matter:  0.5% max.


                                          black and broken:       5% max.


                                          on scieve screen 13:      90% min.


2.robusta coffee screen 16, grade 1



specification:           moisture:    13% max.


                                          foreign matter:  0.5% max.


                                          black and broken:       2% max.


                                          on scieve screen 16:      90% min



1.arabica coffee grade 1, screen18

moisture: 12.5% max

admixture :0.5% max

black & broken beans: 2%

above screen 18: 90%


2.arabica coffee bean -grade 1, screen 16

moisture :12.5% max.

admixture :0.5% max

black & broken beans : 2%

above screen 16 : 90%


3.arabica/ coffee beans grade 2, screen 13

moisture: 13% max.

admixture: 1% max.

black & broken beans: 5% max.

above screen 13: 90%

roasted coffee bean:
+ arabica 
+ robusta 
+ special bean 
+ king weasel bean

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