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Name:Grass Doll

Item No.:CWW-GD-1251m

Product Size(apprex):7 -10cm



Ctn size:80x37x54cm

Usage:Desktop,busniess gift,promotion gift,home decoration,Purified air……etc


product name:

grass head toy.grass toy.grass head.grass doll.mini plant doll.magic head.grass animal.cute shape of the grass doll.grow itself after water .the growing grass will instead of the hair of the toy.



  Usage Only if watering its head every day, you will be surprised that the white doll will have green grass hair like an angel. You can put it besides your computer or your desk. Make leisure, relax atmosphere for you.



1. Take out the grass head from the package and place it in a container with water.

2.The grass head will float on the surface of the water at the beginning,allow it to absorb  enough water and take out the grass head from the water until it starts sinking.

3. Put the wet grass head in any container as you like with water in it.make sure the lower part of the grass head touches the water leve and allow it to absorb water from the cotton thread constantly.

4.When the seeds start to germinate from the grass head, add water to the top of the grass head for every 2-   3 days and make sure it stays in it moist condition.

 5.The grass will start to grow from from the head after 5-7 days. allow the grass to grow up to 5cm or more, then you can start to design your own grass head as you like.


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