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The product is made by algae and is a kind of natural additive. The fish feed with this additive will enhance the stickiness, 5 times larger with the water, form the net skeleton structure and cover the granulated feed to enhance the stickiness and elasticity of the feed powder and the waterproof of the granulated feed.

Special algae fishy smell could promote the aquatic animal’s appetite It contains digest protein min 20%.

Compared with the bonding effect of starch and the without nutritional ingredients of the chemical adhesives, have certain digestibility, meanwhile, Contain abundant mineral elements exist in organic state, easy be absorbed and utilization, can effectively improve the efficiency of the feed, Promote animal growing development,and have rich carotene and unknown growth factor and Natural pigment group, the pigment is basic molecular colour of fish and shrimp,can make the fish and shrimp in artificial breeding closer to the natural color.




Specifications: 20kg Plastic woven sack packaging

Storage: stored in cool, dry place at room temperature to maintain 6 months.





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Fuzhou Wonderful Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaged in the research and development of seaweed processing. Our products have been sold to Southeast Asia, North America, East Asia and Europe. Our mission is to gain a continuously competitive advantage by providing our customers with high-quality products and services. We give priority to the principle of "Customers foremost and service first". All of our raw materials, which are unpolluted, come from the Taiwan Strait. They are all green materials. 



I'm Cherie tang ,my contact information as following:


Trade Manager:cn1510328031


Email: wonderful08@ fzbpsw.com.cn


Skype: cherie.tang88

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