Энергетический напиток для детей в сезон роста

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♦ Energy drink for the children of growth season


Nutritional supplement for children unbalanced diet.

OEM compatible  



- For nutrition and invigoration and weak constitution.

- Non-caffeinated, can be given to children at ease.

- Blended with variety of vitamins, maintains a healthy balance with helping relieve fatigue.

- OEM compatible.



-We combined herbal medicines and vitamins, and created a product with mixed fruit flavor easy for children to drink.

- We combined a great number of herbal medicines and vitamins, and created a powerful product with a drinkable flavor. Our company’s original manufacturing technology made it possible to combine a great number of herbal medicines. This product expires three years after production, and is manufactured in a GMP facility with microbial control and a level of hygiene that can be guaranteed

- This product contains 30mL of liquid in a brown bottle and is packaged in a high quality package.    

-  Recommended dose of 1 bottle (30mL) per day.  



Packing Detail:

30 mL/bottle, 10 bottles/box, 6 boxes/carton



Product Warehouse



  We thoroughly control all aspects of production




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