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100L to 1000L Stainless Steel CE Approved Indirect Solar Water Tank ( With One Coil, Two Coil, Three Coil, Four Coil inside )  for Armenia market



The Jinyi Stainless steel Solar Water Tank tilises a high performance solar coil and has a low standing heat loss, making it the perfect match for the Jinyi range of solar thermal collectors. This item is designed for pressurised hot water systems, and is supplied with the G3 safety equipment required for unvented systems.




 Specification of 150-500L Solar Water Tank from Jinyi Solar




Solar Water Tank  Display:




Two type of solar coils are available for Jinyi Solar Water Tank


1. Solar coil made of seamless steel pipe



2. Solar coil made of corrugated flexible stainless steel pipe




Jinyi Solar Water Tank in factory ( With One Coil, Two Coil, Three Coil, Four Coil inside)




Package of Jinyi Solar Water Tank


                   By carton + pallet                                              By carton



Model Selection Guide for Solar Water Tank


Model Selection Guide
Maximum hot water demandMaximum solar
collector area (m2)
1 bathroom2.81 - 3JPT-150
1 bathroom & separate shower room3.61 - 3JPT-200
1 bathroom & 2 separate shower rooms4.82 - 4JPT-300
2 bathrooms & separate shower room53 - 4
2 bathrooms & 2 separate shower rooms6.64 - 5JPT-400
3 bathrooms & 2 separate shower rooms                                  8.6   6 - 7JPT-500


Installation of Indirect Hot Water Storage Tank ( With One Coil, Two Coil, Three Coil, Four Coil inside)




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