Gen3 военный монокуляр ночного видения MHB-X/оптические приборы телескоп для

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The ruggedly designed tactical MHB series night vision monocular features automatic brightness control, integrated IR iluminator, IR-On and low battery indicators to achieve high performance.


This durable and reliable monocular are widely used in many Special Force around the globe. It could be combined with 3x or 5x magnification fier lenses to further extend the viewing capability.


- Lightweight
- Easy to operate
- Hand-held, head and weapon mountable.
- Allowing for ACH/MICH helmets mountable.
- Photo and video equipment adaptable.
- Automatic brightness control.
- Internal low battery and IR-on indicators.
- Protected against excess light exposure.
- Integrated 5MW IR iluminator.
- Comfortable for prolonged wear.
- Waterproof, corrosion and dust-resistant.
- May be equipped with a wide variety of optional accessories like 3x or 5x magnifier lens, weapon mount, demist shield, sacrifice window, day scopes couple and many others.


Field of view40°
Lens system27mm F1.2
Focus range, m/in0.25 / 10" to infinity
Eye relief distance15 mm
Diopter setting, D+5, -5
Overall dimensions, mm/in115*62*42 / 4.5"x2.4"x 1.7 
Weight w/out headgear, g/oz330 / 11.6
Power supply1 AA batteries 1.5V/1 CR123 
Estimated battery life w/out IR, 73°F, hourAA-up to 40, CR123-up to 80
Image Intensifier Tube 
Photocathode type18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical, μA/lm600-900
Resolution, typical, lp/mm57-64
Luminous gain, typical, fl/fcd19000 - 30000
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical20:1 or better
FOM, typical1150 - 1350
Tube relibility standard, hour10000
Keep time, typical, year10
Warranty, year1
Effective Distance 
Detection range, approx, m/yard 
                      -quarter moonup to 220
                      -cloud coverup to 190
Recognition range, approx., m/yard 
                      -quarter moonup to 160
                      -cloud coverup to 125
5mW IR iluminator, approx., m/yardup to 30/12
Environmental Data 
Operating temperature, °C/F-40° to +50*/-40° to +122°
Storage temperature, °C/°F-30° to +50°/-86 to+122°
Immersion, hour1 meter for 0.5 (Optional)
Humidity, %up to 98%



Night vision monocular with 3X lens


night vision with 3x lens.png



Night vision monocular with 3X lens


MHB with 5X lens.png








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