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What Is A Membrane Switch?


 Membrane switches are generally made from five different layers. membrane-switch-construction.jpgThis includes membrane, graphic, tactile, rigid and static layers. The first layer contains the graphic interface for the user to control the machine. It can also include a flexible circuit for less expensive alternatives. Another layer will contain the printed circuit which allows a signal to be transmitted. The ink that is used for the printing on the circuit is generally made up of a variety of metals. This helps for the signal to be conductive for turning on and off. Membrane switches allow for communication to take place in electronic devices. Membrane switches are a piece of equipment that can be highly sophisticated or rather simple by design.







 Detail Specifications                                                                                              

Electronic Characteristic

<35V ( DC )   <100mA   1W

Life Expectancy

flat type ≥ 500 million times, tactile type: ≥ 100 million times

Contact Resistance

10Ω--500Ω (According the trace length and materials to confirm)

Operation Temperature

-40 °c ~ + 80 °c

Insulating Impedance

>100MΩ 250V DC

Stock Temperature

-40 °c ~ + 85 °c

Resistance of the wire

<1 Ω/cm   width 1.27mm


+ 40 °c   90 % ~ 95%   240 hour

Operation Force

flat type 57-284g (2-10 Oz), tactile type 170-397g (6-14 Oz)

Switch stroke

flat type 0.1-0.5mm, tactile type 0.6-1.5mm



Membrane Switches custom made to your needs



Membrane switches from Vmanx are custom made to your specific needs and desires. For any specific market segment or application, Vmanx is able to create the perfect membrane switch solution.Vmanx membrane switches are manufactured at customer specification by using different technologies. Vmanx is able to offer the best possible membrane switch solution for you precious application.



Membrane switches design freedom


Different types of front materials, lighting options, shielding options, housings, displays and finishing options give you absolute design freedom on your membrane switch application.

membrane switch.jpg

Membrane switch markets


Vmanx’s Membrane Switches are used in an enormous variety of markets, with lots of different demands. From the Medical market, where hygiene and high IP ratings are a must, to the Defense market, where ruggedness and reliability are important needs.





1 Long life: over 6 million impressions


2 Long travel: up to 2 mm


3 Wide range of activation forces, key shapes & sizes.


4 Stable operation at temperatures ranging from -40 °c ~ + 80 °c


5 Resistant to dust, water, scratches and most chemical products


6 An aesthetically pleasing, slender and ergonomic design



Producing Flowsheet







1 First put in a polybag per 50 pcs ,usually, then packed in a big carton;


2 According to the clients’ requirements for special orders.



Company Information


Shenzhen Zhongman Technology CO., LTD is a subsidiary of Hong Kong investment Group. Our company focuses on exportoriented manufacturing that integrates R&D, production and sales.We design and manufacture cutting edge Membrane Switches, Membrane Keypads, Integrated Touch Screens, Flexible Circuits, Graphic Overlays, Rubber Keypads, PCB Designs, Sense Touch Technology, Durable switch products and more.


We pride ourselves on the reliability and quality of our Membrane Switch innovations. China based engineering support combined with domestic quick-turn manufacturing and two off-shore facilities enable Vmanx to provide the range of technologies and lead-times needed to bring quality and competitive pricing to your project. We believe that each individual customer is truly unique, so every order is unique too. We believe that each and every person we deal with is significant, and we operate our business in this way.











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