Порошковый пигмент с перламутровым блеском, перламутровый пигмент для пластика

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Mica Pearlescent Luster Powder Pigment, Pearl Essence Pigment for Plastics


Product Description



1.Natural Mineral Mica Pearl Powder

2.Pearl Effect Pigment, pearl luster

3.Silver white series,Iridescent series,Golden Series,Coloring series, Metal luster series, Super white series, Diamond series, Chameleon series

4.Application:Paint and coating,Offset printing ink,Plastic ,Paper,Ceramic, Auto varnish paint, Cosmetics and beauty.

5.Best weather resistant: Resist 800°C


We are supplying all kinds of color series of pearl luster pigments as below:


Pearl Essence Pigment Series:


Silver white series pearl essence pigment;

Interference series pearl powder pigment;

Gold luster series pearl essence pigment;

Color series pearlescent pigment;

Metallic luster series pearl luster pigment;

Crystal super white series pearl luster pigment;

Diamond series pearl powder pigment;

Cameleon pigments

Pearl Pigment Series

silver white pearl/ iridescent pearl/ golden pearl/coloring pearl/metal luster pearl/

crystal pearl/diamond pearl/chameleon pigment

Main Particle Size<15um; 10-45um; 10-60um; 5-25um; 10-100um; 40-200um etc

Non-toxic, light resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, 

pearl luster with low specific gravity

ApplicationsCoating, paints, inks, plastics etc
CertificateSGS, TDS, COA, MSDS
Packing25kgs per drum

 pearl pigment120



1.Coating: most vehicles coating, building painting, plastic bases painting. Powder painting and applications for surface coatings including adornment, commodity, toy, 

stationery, leatheroid, packing container, textile fabrics etc.

2. Printing ink: wallpaper, paperboard for packing, business cards, greeting cards, packing container, plastics film, raincoat, adonment paper etc.

3. Plastic: cosmetic container, film, foodstuff container, commodity, button, toy, floorboard, automotive, panels, sandal, household appliances, adornment and other products.

4. Others: rubber, cosmetic, etc.

Application pearl powder


Pearl Pigment/Pearlescent Pigments for Plastics

plastic use.jpg




Mica Pearl Luster Pigments:

Silver White Pearl Luster Pigments

pearl pigment120

Interference Pearl Pigments

interference pearl

Golden Luster Pearl Pigments

mica gold pearl
Coloring Pearl Pigments

color pearl pigment
Mica-iron Luster Pearl Pigments

gold pearl 31


  Crystal Pearl Pigments: Crystal super white, crystal interference, crystal gold etc

super white 3



Packaging & Shipping

Packing-pearl pigment 


Company Information

company information2 (3) 



A) What’s your MOQ?
Mostly our MOQ is 1kg, for some high-priced type, can also sold like 500G.

B) Can i get your samples first before i place order? Free or charge?
Yes. The cost depends on different product. Most of our samples are free of charge.


C) How to order and pay?
Send us enquiry, we will respond you within 24 hrs during working time. Or you can directly add and contact us via Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat etc instant messaging tools.


D) Which ways you send the goods, how long will it take?
Depends on your location.
If by air, it’s ranging from 3~12 work days by HKDHL, HKTNT, HKEMS, EMS etc.
If by sea, it’s ranging from 5~30 days.  


E) How do you treat quality complaint?
A:Firstly, our QC department will do strict examination of our export products before shipping. If there is a real quality problem caused by us, contact us we will give you a satisfactory reply immediately by resending you goods or refund.

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