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Custom Made Junction Box for Cathodic Protection System


A wide range of custom made junction boxes for the control and measurement required for your Protection System. All items are manufactured and tested using the highest quality materials. EExd and EExe rated products are also available for hazardous area locations.


We provide a low-cost solution to consolidate multiple impressed current anode cables and a means for monitoring individual anode currents. Build to last, these junction boxes include a Hoffman steel enclosure, a Micarta insulating panel, copper buss bar, shunts (customer selected), and mechanical terminal lugs for cable attachment.


Ordering Information

  • Indicate enclosure size required.
  • Indicated number and type of shunts required.
  • If necessary, indicate any custom requirements for the junction box, such as conduit knockouts.

Other non-standard enclosure materials are available upon request, including aluminum, stainless steel, or fiberglass. Custom junction boxes can be fabricated to meet any field requirement. Please contact us for assistance.

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