150 дюймовый металлический экран проектора с окружающим светом, отклоняющий 2,4 коэффициент усиления, экран для 3d-фильмов 16:9 для домашнего кинотеатра

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Products Description

Product Name
Portable Foldable 4K 3D Silver screen fabric only 
PVC silver 
150inches 16:9
Package Size
35*25*15CM(reference )
Carton size
Carton Weight
Home theater, travel, outdoor camping etc 
Lightweight, portable, foldable and convenient

* Reflective metal composite optical coating with 2.4 gain. excellent extinction ratio, very suitable for display of polarized 3D projection. Metal material Anti-reflection, anti-static, no radiation, easy to clean the surface, can be directly scrubbed with a soft cloth.
* Excellent display performance in complex ambient light, delicate optical coating can fully meet the display requirements of 4K 1080P projectors.
* Dimension, 150inch 16:9; Viewing area:332X87cm / 8ftx6fte black side is about 5 cm.
* The vertical and horizontal viewing angles of the screen are wide, the uniformity is over 98%. there is no such phenomenon as solar effect and reflection. Under normal indoor illumination, color reproduction can achieve cinema-level effects, and viewing vision for a long time will not be tired.
* TIP: We have optimized the package recently, 84 inches, 100 inches, and 120-inch Metal Movie Screen Rolling up send to you, it with almost no creases. 150 inch,180 inches,200 inches,250 inches Ambient Light Rejecting Movies Screen are folded send to you.Because the size is too large, we just can choose to fold, so creases are really unavoidable(but those can be removed). I am very sorry about that.AND If you want to the instruction manual and how to remove creases, contact us.

White Screen vs Silver Screen
* White screen has high reducibility to picture color in dark light environment, with the best performance of brightness and
contrast, the brightness is slightly higher than the grey screen. However, in the light environment, the surface of the white
screen will be disturbed by ambient light. Reduce picture contrast and color saturation. Therefore, a white screen is usually used in movie theaters with independently controllable light sources.
* The advantage of the silver screen is that it has anti-light performance, can resist and reduce the interference of ambient
light on the screen, improve the contrast and color saturation of the picture, and obtain a comfortable picture effect. So in the light environment, the screen can still show a high contrast and color saturation picture. In the dark light environment, t
black level can be improved, making the screen more three-dimensional. Compare to the white screen, the gray screen will be suitable for more viewing scenes, but the brightness will be slightly lower than the white screen. (So some customers will mind that our metal screen picture is not bright enough)

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