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Makhan Lal Sangai --  specialised manufacturers and  of all types of mica and mica products since 1950. We manufacture a full range of mica insulating products.including our New Product Mica sheet for artistic false ceiling designs.

Our products include :
Mica flakes, mica powder, mica scraps, mica splittings, bookform mica splittings, ruby mica blocks all sizes and grades, mica thins, Micanite products, flexible mica sheets silicone bonded class H, mica tapes, mica tubes, nomex micasheets, glass mica sheets, polyester mica plates, hot moulding mica, mica products for art craft etc. Mica shields for gauge glasses in liquid level indicator, mica discs scratchless. MICA FOR LAMP SHADES & DECORATIVE PURPOSES Mica Tapes, Mica Tubes, Corrugated Mica

Our Aim is customer satisfaction through product excellence. Highly experienced technicians and skilled work force ensure total quality controll at every stage of production, thereby ensuring supply of a consistent quality products confirming International standards.


Our  continious  efforts helped us prepare many Innovative Mica products   Our  Mica sheet for  False ceilind and decorations are just one of them.   It is  very unique  /Artistic/ Durable    

Please call us for further details  at +9939138039    

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