Супер вкусные Рекомендуемые Tahini Pie / Tahinlii Corek

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Our Company

Established in 1918 by Hacı Kadir Zıbıncı, Topal Kadir Pastry Company took firm steps in accelerating the pace by developing in 2008 it’s new brand called Maun (Unshareable Taste).

Since 2011 our company’s stages of permanent growth rapidly evolved and today with it’s production facilities 6.000 m² area and the whole area nearing 10.000 m² Maun has a wide dealer network. Our innovative approach both in domestic and abroad markets based on the principle of uncompromising quality built it’s way towards the shought-after brands. Primarily our company is aiming to become a leader in the field of frozen bakery by increasing both it’s customers satisfaction, using the latest technology and especially by producing products that meet the quality standards in order to increase our competitiveness and market share.

Our general aim is to maximize the customer satisfaction worthy of the meaning of our name
in addition to be a sectorial leader in the sector of bakery products and pastry.
Producing in compliance with the quality standards
together with the advancing technology and increasing our market share are important factors for us.

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