Корень черного Маки из Перу (100% Премиум)

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Product Description

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is native to Peru. It grows between 3000 and meters high and was cosidered sacred by the incas. It gives athletes extra energy. However one of the most appreciated atributes is the possitive effect on sexuality and fertility.

Packaging & Shipping

 We deliver 20 Kg boxes (containing 2 bags of 10Kg each) assembled in 500 Kg pallets (by air) or 1 T (by sea).

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Andina Foods Export E.I.R.L. is a company dedicated to production and commercialization of agri-food products, mainly of Superfoods, which have a much higher nutritional level than any other foods.

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Andina Foods Export E.I.R.L.

RUC: 20554463003

Lima, Perú

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