Индийский PKM1 тип, семена морги олейферы + PKM1 семена морги + семена Барабанной палочки

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The highly productive moringa conventional seeds are available in different grades and are suitable for all kind of soils. These natural moringa seeds are of open pollinated variety and convenient for wild production. The seeds are resistant against diseases and are bushy in growth. The production cost of moringa conventional seeds is very low.






  • Natural variety with resistance against the diseases
  • High in flavanoids and other nutrients
  • Suitable for massive and wild production
  • Annual in habit and bushy in growth
  • Pods non-fibrous and seeds soft even in late harvests
  • Amenable for ratooning twice
  • Low cost of production
  • Soil enrichment through leaf litter that results in better successive crops
  • Amenable for inter-cropping in young orchards
  • Suitable for alley cropping (vegetables and pulses)
  • Minimal pod damage in transit due to rubery vegetable structure.

  • You can keep it in room temperature for more than 20 days.

  • Free from bugs and other related problems.

  • Tends to give largest bushes in growth.

  • Abundant yield throughout the lifespan.

  • Excellent for cooking and medicinal usage.

  • Quality of the seed 98%.

  • Uniform fruit length.

  • Germination rate of 80% and more.

  • Free from caterpillar,gumming and other related problems

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