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 Ganoderma lucidum 

Ganoderma is a genus of polypore mushrooms that grow on wood, and include about 80 species, many from tropical regions.Because of their extensive use in traditional Asian medicines, and their potential in bioremediation, they are a very important genus economically. Ganoderma can be differentiated from other polypores because they have a double-walled basidiospore. They are popularly referred to as shelf mushrooms or bracket fungi.


Ganoderma are characterized by basidiocarps that are large, perennial, woody brackets also called "conks". They are lignicolous and leathery either with or without a stem. The fruit bodies typically grow in a fan-like or hoof-like form on the trunks of living or dead trees. They have double-walled, truncate spores with yellow to brown ornamented inner layers.

Bioactive compounds

For centuries, laccate (varnished or polished) Ganoderma species have been used as traditional medicine in many parts of Asia. These species are often mislabeled as 'G. lucidum', although genetic testing has shown this to be multiple species such as G. lingzhi, G. multipileum, and G. sichuanense/ Several species of Ganoderma contain many bioactive compounds (~400), such as triterpenoids and polysaccharides, which are likely the primary medicinal compounds. Collectively, the Ganoderma species are being investigated for a variety of potential therapeutic benefits:
anticancer effects
immunoregulatory effects
antioxidant activities
liver-protecting effects
hypoglycemic effects
antibacterial effects
antiviral effects
antifungal effects
reducing blood cholesterol

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