Оптовая продажа, высокое качество, 100% натуральный экстракт масла из фруктов (Mekong Herbal)

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825.3 Mg/100g 


385.0 Mg/kg 


61.1 Mg/kg 







Essential oil of gac is extracted by raw gac fruit in Viet Nam, they are used as food everyday. Essential oil of gac is red the same as Gac fruit. So that, to take the place of chemical. Colouring : very food safety, unbaneful.
GACVIET- Give grand parents’s bright eyes, parents’s happiness, good children in future.
Active element Ingredients contant in essential oil of gac:
- β-Caroten(150mg%), higher 2 times than codfish oil, 15 times than carot..
- Lycopen: Essential oil of gac much lycopen may be crystallize to crystal, there are carotenoid may be against to get old, to counteract 75% agents to bring about cancer.
- Vitamin E: (12mg%): 100% Vitamin E contant in essential oil of gac is – α tocopherol, there are natural Vitamin E so action is trongest , Vitamin E can development assistance to reproduce , bring skin . 
- Acid Linoleic(Omega 6) 15%: Name other is Vitamin F, it is help unshakeable blood vessel wall, to prevent cardiovascular disease, blood pressure down.
- Acid Oleic(Omega 9) 44%: help to development nervous system, first and fore most of nerve fiber has Myelin. 
- Chemical elements: cobon, iron – zinc, selen

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Dear Sir! Our From Mekong Herbals Factory In Hcmc, Viet Nam

Mekong Herbals Corporation is the one of top 100 largest agriculture manufacturers in Viet Nam. Mekong herbals was awarded the
leading enterprise of agricultural industry in 2016. We supply over 50 products for agriculture.

Established in 2002, Mekong Herbals started with Gac product, Passion product, tropical fruit, root, Within a decade, Mekong
herbals had expanded products to 50 product to supply for the market. Now, we specialize in tropical fruit, herbal, vegetable.

Our factory above 15 years ago for production many kinds of tropical fruit products:
1/ Gac fruit: Gac puree, Gac juice, Gac fruit extracted powder;
2/ Coconut meat: Frozen meat, Frozen coconut puree, coconut meat juice…;
3/ Jack fruit products: Frozen pulp, dried pulp, frozen puree…;
4/ Passion fruit: Fresh fruit, Frozen fruit, Frozen passion fruit juce, Frozen passion fruit concentrate…;
5/ Pitaya fruit (red dragon fruit): Fresh fruit, Pitaya puree, Pitaya juice, dried pitaya slice, frozen pulp…;
6/ Avocado: Dried avocado, frozen avocado puree, Froze halfcut fruit ….:
7/ Sourshop fruit products: Powder, capsule, tea, pill;
8/ Moringa products: Moringa leaf powder, moringa oil, moringa tea, moringa leaf powder capsule;
9/ Mango fruit products: Frozen, juice, fresh; dried…:
10/ Noni products: Noni tea, Noni powder, Noni pill, Noni Capsule, noni ferment Juice.
11/ Beetroot products: Fresh Beetroot, Dried Beetroot sliced, Beetroot extracted powder…

Our factory have ISO 22000:2005; Halal, USDA-EU Organic certification, Haccp.
Our products used to export to many contries: Canada, Newzeland, Dubai, Korea…
We will cooperation with you for support and processing many kinds of fruit products.
Pls contact to us for getting the best price and cooperation with the best corp.
My contact: Mr. David manager of Mekong Factory.




Company Information




MEKONG HERBALS are specialized in the R&D and production of FROZEN FRUIT, VEGATABLE,...The factory obove 15 years with possession of modern production workshop, cold storage, R&D office and subsidiary facility,. It was awarded the leading enterprise of agricultural industry in 2016..


We produce frozen passion fruit, vegetable , Frozen organic young coconut puree, Frozen organic pitaya puree... and more than 2000 tons of frozen vegetables annually.In order to pursue firstrate quality and excellent flavor, we strictly control the choice of seed, high quality assured non GMO and green healthy ingredients to provide onestop service 


We passed and got QS, and EFSA (EU) certificates smoothly, Organic citification (USDA; EU).CONTACT US:



Factory add: No. 31 Bau Lach street, Ward Pham Van Coi, Cu Chi District, HCMC.

Website:www.sieuthiduoclieu.vn ; www.tropicalfruitmart.com

Tel: +84-028 62957936 Cellphone: +84938898920

Skype: gacviet1 ; webchat:cellphone0938898920


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