Кукурузный резак-итальянский дизайн-15685

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Product Description

Corn cutter - Italian design - 15685 

An essential assortment of body care tools, including implements made of carbon steel, plated with a layer of matt nickel and one of chrome to ensure high resistance to corrosion and give the products a modern look and appeal.

Essential tool for taking care of your body.

Product Details
EAN Code
cm. 15
Single piece
200 pieces
Packing & Delivery

84% of the Premax Consortium’s turnover stemmed from exportation of its products to 58 countries worldwide.

Packing and delivery terms will be agreed with the buyer in consideration of required quantities and of the customer's needs and location.

Single packaging of every item is shown on the picture on the left.

Our Company


We want to strengthen our leadership in the market in order to become the main supplier for our customers who appreciate our global service, Co-Designing skill and solid know-how. We also want to continue growing and innovating in order to obtain complete customer satisfaction, guaranteeing high work quality standards, full compliance of our products and services and the optimisation of corporate processes.

Key Points

1 - Global service

2 - Co-Designing skills

3 - Solid know-how

4 - Excellent organisation

5 - Winning team

Our numbers

84% of the Premax Consortium’s turnover stemmed from exportation of its products to 58 countries worldwide. Over the last 5 years our global turnover increased progressively 47% thanks in part to the opening up of new emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Arab countries and South America.


94% of the scissors manufactured in Italy are made by Premana craftsmen. This number is further confirmation of the quality and reliability of the products made by the Premax Consortium.

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to our quality, steadfastness and the entrepreneurial skills of our partners, today we are a winning organisation with an emphasis on “customer satisfaction”. Our highly qualified staff knows how to hear the needs of our clientèle and then propose customised solutions which will leave them fully satisfied.

Made in Italy

our identity is our future

We have not forgotten the traditions and values of our products. Filled with the pride of a heritage more than 300 years old, we continue to provide instruments used by millions of people around the globe with the same care as always.

we love the products we manufacture

Our strength lies in the passion for our work which we transform into a philosophy of life. This is a commitment passed down through traditions and family stories, men and women who have dedicated their lives and efforts to growing and developing the “MADE IN PREMANA” concept.

our skill is a guarantee of quality

Our extensive experience and constant search for the best materials, combined with the
production of machinery designed specifically to manufacture cutting items, allows us to offer a vast range of high quality products, guaranteed by strict checks conducted during production.

Premax Museum
Premax Today

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