Русская половина ракушки, мишура, мясо, замороженные моллюски

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Product Description

Russian half shell mussel meat frozen shellfish

     Mussels are one of the most popular seafood. We offer mussels meat preserves, which we raised ourselves.

Possess bright taste and useful properties:
- One of the highest levels of vitamin B12, selenium and manganese.
- Source of omega-3 fatty acids
- Dietary animal protein
- Source of calcium
- Enhance immunity
- Increase the overall level of the body's metabolism, which is necessary for losing weight.

Expiration date of 7 months, at a temperature minus 18

Ingredients: Mussels.

    Mussel meat is elastic, easy to chew, bright orange or yellow. The whole shell is dark.

    Distinct, characteristic for mussels sea tast

    Mussels on one leaf will be an excellent replenishment of your daily diet. Ready-made clams are ideal for instant seafood. It goes well with other seafood, as well as the main ingredient of the recipe. This product is popular in many countries and cuisines of the world, such as:
- Italian
- French
- Japanese
- Korean
- Chinese


    In the course of their livelihood, mussels pass through a huge amount of water. All nutrients and beneficial substances are deposited in mussel meat. This causes a rich mineral composition and a large amount of vitamins. One of the main features is the ability to adapt to almost any conditions, thus the mineral and vitamin composition of mussel meat depends on the water in which it grows. From this condition our main advantages flow. Our bay is located in the most ecologically clean area of the Russian island. Away from the main marine traffic, which minimizes the risk of water pollution by oil products.

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Packing & Delivery

Available products in 2 packaging options:

Vacuum package - 0.5 kg

Vacuum package - 1 kg

Our Company


    The company Dalstam-Marin was founded in October 2017 as a spin-off from Dalstam in the direction of sea culture.
Our company is engaged in the cultivation / cultivation of seafood such as oysters, Asian, sea scallop scallop, Pacific mussels, Far Eastern trepang. And also we process these products.

    The main offer is processed seafood:

-Trapang with honey
- Dried trepang
- Trapang boiled-frozen
-Mussels Pacific boiled-frozen in a shell
-Music Pacific boiled-frozen on one leaf
- Gray's mussels cooked and frozen on one shutter
- Scallop freshly frozen on one leaf
- Freshly frozen oyster

    At the enterprise, in particular, in the workshop, the international quality control system HACCP (HACCP) is applied.

On the territory of the Primorsky Territory, our company occupies various market positions:
- Growing Pacific mussels - 100% of the market (up to 30 tons per year).
- Cultivation of Far Eastern trepang - 10% of the market (10 tons per year).
- Growing oysters - 10% of the market (from 10 tons per year).
We conduct a constant search for new contractors, ready to offer products of the highest quality and exceptional taste.


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