Вакуумный концентратор с двойным эффектом энергосбережения

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Products Description

Double Effect Energy Saving Outer Circulation Vacuum Concentrator
1.The equipment is applicable for the concentration and recovery of industrial organic solvent (such as alcohol) of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch sugar, oral liquid, chemical industry, food, monosodium glutamate and dairy products. It can be used in the low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances with small batches and large varieties.
2. Widely applied in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries ,according to the working process and condition ,we have single effect concentrator ,double effect concentrator and tri-effect concentrator ,vacuum type concentrator and scraper vacuum contrator etc. the capacity we can produce from 10kg/h to 10000kg/h (water based) .also can used to evaporate the water from juice /dairy .and recovery the solvent from the low degree solution .we also can design according to the client specil process details.
3. The contact part of the concentrator and the material is made of the stainless steel, having good corrosion stability. And it is equipped with automatic cleaning system, can feed automatically, so as to save the time and the energy, with high efficiency and good quality, according with the standard of GMP.

Product Paramenters

Evaporation capacity kg/h
Steam pressure Mpa
Vacuum pressure Mpa
Evaporation room area ㎡
Receiving volume m³
Steam consumption kg/h
Water consumption T/h
Concentration rato

Details Images

1. The main equipment of the single-effect concentrator is made of SUS 304/316 L high-grade stainless steel, and the inside and outside are finely polished to prevent the material from sticking to the wall and easy to clean;

2. The equipment has good heat transfer performance, high evaporation efficiency, is not easy to scale, block, stick to the wall, and foam. It adopts jacket heating method to obtain higher finished product concentration; adopts push-pull self-locking patented technology slag door, stainless steel hard The liquid out of the tube is safe and reliable, and the liquid does not leak;

3. According to process requirements, various extraction operations such as negative pressure and normal pressure can be realized,and the valve can be switched, and the operation is simple; it adopts reduced pressure and concentration operation, and the evaporation temperature is low; a stirrer can be installed to increase the evaporation speed and prevent material adhesion. Reduce the formation of less foam and increase the concentration of the finished product;

4.The whole machine has a compact structure and a small footprint; the closed and recycled solvent in the equipment can reduce the input amount by more than 50%. The investment is small, the efficiency is high, and the environmental pollution is effectively reduced,.

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Company Profile

Wenzhou Chinz Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized high technology enterprise integrating the design, manufacture and service of biochemical pharmaceutical equipment, dairy food and beverage equipment, chemical equipment and sanitary fluid equipment. Our company is devoted to technology investment and culture construction. We have modern workshops and complete manufacturing facilities. We absorb and train various talented people. We have one batch of capable, specialized and talented persons of design, manufacture and installment. Our company establishes a machinery R&D center, a fluid equipment machining and inspecting center and a machinery manufacturing center. After more than ten years of continuous development, our company has formed a troop of scientific and innovative team. Many of our products have obtained national invention patents. Our company has been awarded many titles, including Zhejiang High-Tech Enterprise, etc. Wenzhou Chinz Machinery Co., Ltd. is always devoted to the research and development of machinery project and high precision sanitary fluid equipment. Through several years of efforts, our company has successfully designed and developed various specifications of methanol and ethanol reclaimers, low temperature concentrators, heat hump type water-alcohol concentrators, multi-purpose countercurrent extraction tank groups, integral functional application machine sets, dynamic counter-current adsorption resin units, and so on.Wenzhou Chinz Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced advanced production equipment and technical process from Germany, adopted the first-class management and produced and stored products in warehouse in accordance with various industrial standards (like ISO9001, DIN, IDF, SMS and 3A). We have complete inspection facilities, such as devices and instruments for hydrostatic test, X-ray flaw detection, chemical analysis, mechanical property test, etc.


1. Q : How can customer know the processes of order?
A : We will take photo or video during manufacturing every two weeks to make
customer clear about the order. When goods is finished,we will take more detailed photos or video for inspect. You can also come to our factory to inspect by yourself.
2. Q : Do you supply installation equipment in oversea? A : Yes, if need, we can also send
our installation engineer to your factory to help you do installation and testing. And you need to provides round-trip ticket and accommodation for our engineer. The extra salary of one installation engineer is 200USD/day.
3. Q : How to control quality?
A : All material we use has material certification. Before any piece of equipment leaves CHINZ. It goes through a complete quality and assurance control inspection. This inspection assures your equipment meets all specifications and is in proper working order before it leaves our facility and arrives at your door.
4. Q : What is the shipment schedule?
A : We will send you photographs of your order being loaded into the shipping container at the factory. The shipping container will generally leave port 3-4 days
after loading. We will send you a bill of lading and final statement of account within one week of that time. The bill of lading will include the shipping container numbers. You can track your shipping container. Approximately 10 days prior to delivery, we will send you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) notice from the shipping time. Please remember that the listed delivery date is only an estimate, and is subject to port unloading schedules, customs processing, and the dictates of the local delivery truck company. You will be directly contacted by the shipping company's local truck delivery services approximately 48 hours prior to the date of delivery to schedule a delivery time. If you need to delay the final delivery, there will be a "pull" fee of approximately $100, and a storage fee of approximately $150 per shipping container per day.

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