Белая/черная крышка силоса, крышка для виноградника

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Product Description


We manufacture white/black ,green/white, blue/white silo covers or tube bags to storage the forage cereal ,grains for animal in winter , exclude oxygen to complete the fermentation process


Tube size:


Diameter: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.74m,etc.

Thickness: 150mic, 200mic, 230mic, 250mic,

length: 60m, 75m, 100m ,150m,etc.


Using life: at least 1 year, in some regions, it can be at least 2 years .

Made them as your order.


Durable , anti-tear and puncture resistant .

Seal the ends of tube bags.




Silo bag benefits .


1. For dry grains, it is very low cost per ton of stored grain

2. It allows the storing of grains with a higher moisture content than grade standard conditions.

3. Increase your storage capacity ,special in harvest season, it is quickly to storage than silage wrap

4 You only need to buy what you need in any given season, so save money and space .

5. Very eefcient handling , quick implementation of commercial sites (+/-5 weeks to estabilish 50,000tons depot)

6 Durable ,long time storage solution outside to withstanding the weather condition ,(with UV protection )


Silo cover size :


Thickness: 140mic, 180mic, 200mic, 210mic, 230mic,

Width ; less than 18m

Length : 50m, 100m, 150m , etc

Color :white/black , green/yellow, green/white. etc.

Function :

Storage the corn, bulk fodder, cover the ground.etc.

Using life : at least 12monthes outside.


Packaging & Shipping

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