Запчасти для мясорубки из нержавеющей стали

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stainless steel meat chopper plates 



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Fenghua Litai Meat Grinder Machinery Co., Ltd. is a branch of Ningbo Bolex Systems. It is a professional historic company that mainly producing and exporting meat grinders & meat grinder parts (meat grinder plates, blades etc). OEM is also warmly welcome.


Our German CNC hammer forging equipments are the most advanced forging equipments at present, which the forging energy transferring level can be numerically computer controlled. It is the number four generation of hammer forging equipment line after the generations of the crank craft pressure forging, friction pressure forging and belt hammer forging. The forging energy deviation can be controlled with 1.5%, forging of forming precision can reach to a tolerance less than 0.8mm.Preliminary shaping and trimming can be done in one operation. The equipments line is much suitable for multi-forming, multi-forging, fly- deforming forgings and the forgings of complex forms, high weight tolerance index. The CNC equipments Line is widely used for the high precision forging spare parts of automobiles, motorcycles, hydraulic pipes and fittings, machinery parts and other deformed hardwares etc.


Material of meat mincer parts: stainless steel (SUS420 SUS420J2 SUS430 SUS440A SUS440C SUS304) or carton steel, it can be selected by clients.


Use for electric meat grinder or manual meat grinder

Customized designs and hole sizes are available
Samples are available










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