USR-WIFI232-602 RS232 для Wi-Fi сервера 802.11b/g/b Беспроводной Wi-Fi конвертер

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USR-WIFI232-602 RS232 TO WIFI server 802.11b/g/b wireless WIFI Converter




WIFI232-602 is work for Transparent transmission,TCP server,TCP client and UDP mode can be choose.

Data from serial to WIFI or WIFI to serial. 

1. Start time 6s

2. Suport TCPB function

3. Module as Server, 32 Client can access to it

4. Support AP+STA

5. Support hardware AP



1. Can be used in project driectly,WIFI232-2 module

2. RS232 port , male as PC, support RTS/CTS

3. DC 5 input,customized design is accept

4. Reload for restore default setting,

(at work status, press it 1 second and then left it free wait restart finish will back to default setting)

5. 2.54 RS232 lever TXD TXD GND pin out

6. leds for Power Ready Link RXD TXD

7. important pin out

8. DC5.5*2.1 standard power supply interface

9. COM port can link to Power input, for power in or out from COM port

10. Power adapter, serial cable for free


13. TCPIP demo VB / DEPHI / Boland C++


data-sheet-wifi.jpgWIFI232-X-AP.jpg WIFI232-X-STA.jpg WIFI232-X-Trans.jpg WIFI232-X-Internet.jpgWIFI-Application-2.jpg



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