Спирометр для стимулирования упражнений легких

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Описание и отзывы


The incentive spirometer helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness.



It restores and maintains lung capacity in post operative patients by slow, synchronized deep breathing, which allows visual calibration and estimation of the patients progress.
It works by strengthens primary and accessory respiratory muscles and conditions them and enhances endurance of both inspiratory and expiratory muscles.
Improves respiratory parameters
Improves maximal exercise capacity.
Improves cardio-pulmonary status of the patient, enhancing the overall fitness and wellbeing.
Increases circulation of hormones in the blood which increase the blood blow to the heart, brain and lungs.
Improves oxygenation of blood, reduces fat levels by burning calories.
Assists pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD, improves the quality of their life.
Sustained deep breathing has been shown to relieve anxiety and fight stress.


*Colour coded triple ball design for proper visual feed back
*Medical grade flawless sealing
*Air filter for enhanced protection
*Transparent, well calibrated chambers for accurate estimation of exercise capacity
*Soft, aesthetically coloured inspiratory tubing
*Accommodative groove for the tubing when not in use
*Sleek, stable design


Medical Incentive Spirometer  is made for independent and controlled breathing gymnastics.


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