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    Factory Price Quarry Rock Device Pushing Steel Bag



Products Feature:


The Pushing Steel Bag is widely used in the marble and stone quarrying industry,specially for stripping blocks from the mountain.

The revolutionary aspect of the Pushing steel bag / HYDRO-BAG equipment lies basically in the possibility of stripping blocks up to 1000 tons or more, without the need to prepare slots to house the jacks since the HYDRO-BAG has an original thickness of just 2 mm (0.08") and can be easily slipped into the wire saw cut.


A complete Pushing Steel Bag / HYDRO BAG equipment consists of:                    

1. Electric or pneumatic pump unit to create the pressure for the cushions; 

2. Safety valves and distribution valves; 

3. Pipes, cocks and inlet filters; 

4. Quick couplings;                                            

5. A series of HYDRO-BAG cushions.      


Main Technical Data:


SpecificationTheoretical Pushing CapacityNet weight (kg)
50*50cm75 tons2.5 kgs
100*50cm150 tons5.0 kgs
100*100cm300 tons10.0 kgs
100*200cm600 tons20.0 kgs
150*150cm675 tons22.5 kgs

Remark: More specification according to your demands!


Pump Unit:


High Pressure Water PumpElectric2 phase, 220V/50Hz25.0 kgs
High Pressure Water PumpPneumaticair consumption 2 cbm/min, 5-7 bar25.0 kgs



More photos for your reference:


Pictures for STEEL CUSHION HYDRO-BAG with water pump, and working in the jobsite:

Steel cushion(hydro-bag)hydro-bag


Packing pictures for your reference:


The steel pushing device will be packaged by wooden case, or according to the client's requirement.


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