Sabic Lexan, сырье, поликарбонатный кровельный лист, прозрачные поликарбонатные плиты, кровельные панели

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Specializes in polycarbonate sheet for 25 years in China.
Long history of providing quality products and warm-hearted service that keep our clients in over 130 countries cooperating with us for years.
100% imported original Lexan material with UV coating,warranty of 10 years guarantee.


Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet for Roofing

PC Sun Panel.jpgPolycarbonate sheet.jpgHollow sheet for roofing


1. Products overview

PC Sheet.jpg

Polycarbonate solid sheet, hollow sheet, corrugated sheet and relative accessories


Hollow sheet:

  • Twin-wall hollow sheet
  • Triple-wall hollow sheet
  • Six-wall hollow sheet
  • Honeycomb hollow sheet
  • Frosted twin-wall hollow sheet
  • Double color special hollow sheet

Solid sheet:

  • Flat solid sheet
  • Abrasive solid sheet
  • Embossed solid sheet
  • Diamond embossed sheet
  • Light diffusion sheet


  • PC-H connector
  • PC-U edge
  • PC special connector(cap and base)
  • Aluminum bar and EPDM tape

Polycarbonate Sheet Features

  • Lightweight
  • Very High impact strength
  • Good light transmission
  • Good weather resistance and UV protection
  • Good effect of soundproof
  • High heat insulation
  • Widely used, be molding, be processing
  • Easy Installation
  • 10 Years Guarantee

2. Specification


Special colors and specifications can be customized.


3. Technical data



4.  100% imported original Lexan material with UV coating


 All material we used are virgin resin,  Makrolon PC resin from Bayer in Germany & Lexan PC resin from GE in USA.


5. Strict seven producing line of polycarbonate sheet: Up To Date Technology

 Workshop and machine.png


6. Packing and Loading

Packing and loading.png


7. Application


They are widely used in roofing, awning, construction material, greenhouse, skylight, carport, interior decoration, swimming pool, etc.

  1. Decoration in landscape gardening and recrational places, Singular decoration, corridors and pavilions in leisure places.
  2. Interior and exterior decorations of commercial building, curtain walls of modern building.
  3. Transportation airline, containers, front wind shields of notorcycles. airplanes, trains, liners, vehicles, notors boats, submarines and police glass shields.
  4. Telephone boths, advertising boards, light boxes and exhibition.
  5. Instruments and meters, and military industry.
  6. High class indoor decoration, such as walls, windows roofs and screens.
  7. Sound-insulation walls in expressways and urban overhead highways.
  8. Agricultural greenhouses and raising sheds.
  9. Lighting of factory buildings, warehouse and markets. 


8.  Through comprehensive international certification such as ISO, SGS ,Fireproofing UL 94 5V,UV test report,etc.


 cer tes.png

1) ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000;
2) The standards for Russian building;
3) UV Protective Test Report;
4) ROHS certificate from SGS, etc.



9. Yuemei Company Ten Advantages:
1) 25 years of manufacturing quality polycarbonate sheets
2) Italy imported equipment
3) We only use high quality and world class materials.
4) Durable for 10 years with guarantee letter.
5) Products completely entered the world market.
6) Complete product range(series) .
7) 20 years of store operations and management experience
8) First-class environment and convenient land,sea and air traffic.
9) Through comprehensive international certification such as ISO,SGS and so on.
10) We will not sacrifice our future for today’s profit.


Our Vision: To become the top runner of the world's PC plastic product industry.

We sincerely invite interested parties to contact us and all enquiries will receive our closest attention.

(Dayo Mobile:86-15920427140,Skype:andygzyuemei)



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