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Reinforcing Steel threaded rebar coupler | quick tube connector in formwork project


ADTO rebar coupler is made of high-quality carbon structural steel 45#/40Cr  with reasonable design, advanced technology, high precision and reliable connection quality.

We design the couplers of all specifications based on the strength requirements of HRB500 steel bars. Couplers are applicable to all screw thread steel on grade HRB335,HRB400,HRB500,HRB600.

All the performance indexes have meet the standard of National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering.





The size of the rebar coupler Southeast Asia Standard

Name Of Commodity                  Size                                                            Thread Pitch Length         (±2.0mm)OD               (±0.5mm)
Rebar CouplerD121.75P3520

The size of the Standard Parallel Rebar Coupler 







Why rebar coupler.png


Technical Advantages


1) High splice strength, which could exert ultimate tensile and compression strength of rebar, it could satisfy the requirements stipulated in the Chinese standard JGJ107, American standard UBC1997, British standard BS8110, French Standard NF35-20-1, German standard DIN1045, ISO15835 and other requirements in the relevant standards;

2) Easy to operate and maintain, no need for technicians, fast splicing on construction site;

3) Several types of splices, which could be suitable for rebar splicing when the rebar cage or the bending rebar is used;

4) High production efficiency, it only takes less than 1 minute to upset and make one thread on the site;

5) High adaptability, the splicing could be conducted when the power is off, or under water, or at super high position, or windy, rainy and snowy weather.

6) Environment-friendly, material-effective.

7) Inexpensive to purchase, maintain and repair.

8) The Splicing could be produced in advance without influencing the construction period.

9) Full-Tension splice, bar break under tensile tests.

10) Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 9001


Four Steps Manufacturing Process


1) Cutting off the end of rebar;

2) working the end of rebars by machine

3) Making parallel threads;

4) Splicing rebars by coupler.

rebar coupler (6).jpg






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