Усиленный иммунитет, Высококачественная капсула софтгеля спирулины 500 мг

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Enhanced Immunity high quality Spirulina Softgel capsule 500mg


Product profile

1, Specification of Product

Product NameSpirulina capsuleSizeOvalFilling weight500mg+-7.5%
Shelf life2 yearsColorbrownTotal weight750mg +-7.5%


No.IngredientsQuanttiyTest methods
1soybean oil , mg


Inner standard
3selenium ,mg0.1mg+-7.5%Inner standard
4spirulina,mg100mg+-7.5%Inner standard
5Gelatin, mg210mg+17.5%GB 6783
6Glycerin, mg105mg+-7.5%GB 29950
7Pure Waer, mg35mg+-7.5%CHP 2010

Physical & Chemical Index

ItemsSpecificationTest method
Disintegration, minNMT 30CHP 2010

Microorganism limited

Total plate counts, cfu/gNMT 1000GB/T 4789.2
Escherichia coli, MPN/100gNegative/25gGB/T 4789.3
Mould & Yeast, cfu/gNMT 100GB/T 4789.15
SalmonellaNegative/25gGB/T 4789.4
Staphlococcus AureusNegative/25gGB/T 4789.10
Streptococcus hemolyticusNegative/25gGB/T 4789.11

Heavy metal limited

Lead, mg/kgNMT 1.5GB/T 5009.12
Arsenic, mg/kgNMT 1.0GB/T 5009.11
Mercury, mg/kgNMT 0.3GB/T 5009.17
Cadmium, mg/kgNMT 1.0GB/T 5009.15


2, Storage: Keep in cool dry place, the temperature is not more than 25 Centigrade, the humidity is 50% about.


3, Suggested use: Take two softgels daily with warm food.


4, Keep out of reach of Children.


Company Information


Packaging & Shipping


Our Services



1, Are you a manufacturer?

* Yes, The baihe Company was established in 1996, with 7 facilities to produce softgel, hard capsule and tablet, powder, pill and granule and refined fish oil etc.

2, What countries your product have been sold to?

* The product has been exported to over 40 countries, such as USA, Canada, Europe etc.

3, Do you have your own laboratory and what itmes you can test?

* Yes, The Company has 3 laboratories that pass CNAS certification, all the test machines from USA, such as GC, HPLC etc. the Company can test assy of active ingredients, heavy metal, microorgansim, physical & chemicl index, Pesticide etc.

4, What's the standard or specification your Company adopted?

* The Company set up complete standard and specification for each country, the mainly standards is from USA, Europe, China.

5, Could you produce the product according to our formula?

* Yes, the Company is the leading contract manufacturer in China, we can produce the product according to your formula.

6, What's the MOQ of each product and how about the delivery time?

* the MOQ of each product according to the materials, the regular MOQ is 300,000pcs, the delivery time is about 25 to 40 days.

7, Could you help us to register the product in our Country?

* Yes, we will very glad to provide this service to you.

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