Спиральный Вибрационный демпфер из ПВХ для кабеля ADSS и OPGW

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Product Description

PVC Spiral Vibration Damper for ADSS and OPGW cable is made of PVC with high intensity, anti-aging and high elasticity, easy and rapid to install. It is applied to ADSS cable and OPGW cable with diameter less than 12mm, Spiral  vibration damper is a intervening type anti-vibration device, which exerts damping function with anti-vibration part to consume cable vabration energy and restrain vibration so as to protect cable. 

The consumer can choose spiral vibration damper according to cable diameter, spacing.


Selection table



Diameter range


the clamping long(mm)

the total length(mm)

FTL1170 130




FTL1430 135




FTL1930 167





Company Information

 Vilun Electric Co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer which specialized in helical fittings for optical fiber cable, distribution and overhead line.Vilun company has been focused in manufacturing helical power fittings for many years. We have accumulated rich experience in designing and producing.

A flexible type of cooperation has been applied, we can manufacture products according to customer's needs. Besides, products can also be produced according to samples and design drawings that customer provides. Perfect quality control system controls the entire process of producing, to ensure the product quality that is stable and reliable.
At present, the company products have been selling to many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and so on.
The quality of the products have won the great recognition by the customers overseas.
The company willing to provide the customers with high quality products with reasonable price, hoping to establish a long-term relationship of cooperation.

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