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Product Description

 Commodity :  Aluminum Hull Anodes for marine/ships/yacht/boat

                         Al sacrificial anode




Zinc Hull Anodes are designed for the protection of various types of vessels such as ships, barges, and tankers. Anodes are available in many configurations including weld-on and bolt-on mounting systems.




Production standard: 





ASTM B418-95 US Mill 18001 K



Type I (Seawater)

Type II (soil)

Al %


<0.005 %

Cd %

0.025 – 0.07

<0.003 %

Fe %


<0.004 %

Pb %


<0.003 %

Cu %


<0.002 %

Others Each


<0.02 %

Other Total






Electrochemical Characteristics


780 Ahr/Kg

740 Ahr/Kg

Close Potential(Ag/AgCl)

-1,1 V

-1,05 V




  Zinc anode .jpg


Packaging & Shipping

 on pallet with steel bundles


Our Services


Our belief:     Continuous Innovation  


Our spirit:    Sincerity, Unity , Dedicated, Hardworking


Our mission:   Provide most advanced products & most professional technical solution.


Company Information
We are involved in cathodic protection field for over 15 years, we are the earliest company which begin to produce and export anodes abroad in China.


Our products are shipped worldwide, mainly to North American and Asia countries ,Middle East for over 3000mts per year. which are used in pipeline, oil company project , harbor, marine boat, civil construction project.


Our goods are tested by US lab named Anodes evaluation and proved to be in good quality. Basis on our own sources in plant, we can ensure good quality.


Our products line:
Mg anodes (ASTM-G97),
Zinc anodes (ASTM B418-95 US Military 18001K)
Al-Zn-In anodes (GAIII)
casting bar, wire, ribbon, rod ,backfilled etc.












Q. What do sacrificial anodes do?


A. All metals immersed in an electrolyte (sea water for example) produce an electrical voltage. When two dissimilar metals are in contact (electrically connected) they produce a galvanic cell (like a battery), with the less noble metal (a bronze propeller for example) forming the anode and the more noble metal (stainless steel shaft) forming the cathode.


Aluminum anode alloy provides more protection and lasts longer than zinc. It will continue to work in freshwater and is safe for use in salt water. Aluminum is the only anode that is safe for all applications.



Q. When we we choose to use Zinc anodes ?



Exterior of underground or underwater pipe


Interior of pipe handling corrosive waters and effluents


Lead sheathed electric cable in ducts


Other metal-sheathed electric cable in underwater or underground locations


Copper concentric neutrals of URD cable


Corrosion control and/or grounding of induced AC on underground pipe


Annulus space between outer steel casing and inner pipe of deep wells


Interior bottoms of oil storage tanks


Foamed annulus space of insulated steel pipe underground or underwater


Double bottom areas of ship ballast tanks


Bottom areas of cargo/ballast tanks of petroleum carriers





Various Cerification




More information

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