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   Technical parameters of gas infrared heating:  



 1.Used fuel: Liquefied petroleum gas, Liquefied propane gas


  2.Power: 4.2KW(Large), 2.8KW(Middle), 1.5KW(Small), adjustable for these three gears


  3.Gas consumption: 310g/h(Large), 210g/h (Middle), 110g/h (Small)



Product Information:






 1.Safe protection devices:

 crash dumping protection, over-heating protection/flame failure protection, anoxic protection, crash dumping protection


 2.Heating area: 15-50m

 gas heater


 3Cylinders (Max 15KG) placed in the body, can be moved to any needed place

 4.CE ROHS Certificate





Description of mobile gas heater, infrared heater, room heater, heater:


 1) Flame failure protection;


2) ODS & anti-tilt safety device;


3) Cold rolled spray body with high-temperature paint;
4) Durable brass gas valve;
5) Three ceramic heating tiles for rapid heat distribution;


6) Piezo or pulse ignition;
7) Strong castors with brakes.



our factory





Hot-sale Newly Designed Gas Heater for Home


1) Gas power: 4200W
2) 3 heat settings: SMALL/MIDIUM/BIG FLAME
3) Flameout protection
4) Piezoeletricity system
5) With ODS device
6) Metal house, ceramic burn house, nylon caster
7) Space for gas cylinder up to 5KG
8) 1pc/color box with polyfoam




 Technical data of mobile gas heater, infrared heater, room hater, heater:



1Adopt advanced ceramic burning technology, to enabling twice burning. 99% thermal efficiency, noise-free, energy saving 


2Adjusted by three gear firepower, to meet the heating demands of different temperature and space


 Piezo ignition, environmental durability, and the firing rate reach 90%. Barrier-free to pass fire under low-pressure cold state


 4.Equipped with castors,to move flexibly and conveniently






Main markets:
1) Europe (UK,Russia,Belgium,Poland, Belarus,Canada

2 )South america
3 )Korea, Uzbekistan





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