Маты EMC450 Большие акции, Оуэн Corning стеклоткани маты

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Chopped strand mats are made of chopped strands of 50mm in length, which are randomly dispersed and bound together with polyester binder in powder or emulsion form, trimmed at the two edges. The mats are compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and other various resins.



1)     It has same property in different directions, homogeneous distribution, and excellent mechanical property.

2)     Easy-to-resin, smooth surface, good sealing, water-tolerant and no corrosive.

3)     Excellent heat-resistant quality.



It’s mainly used in hand lay-up, filament winding and compression molding processes. The typical FRP products are panels, tanks, boats, complete set of sanitary equipment, automotive parts, cooling towers, pipes etc.


Storage :
The product should be stored in dry and cool place where is the best condition if  has the temperature 5-35°C and the humidity 35-65°C. Unless use , the package must be kept intact in order to prevent moisture away .



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