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Best quality DTH hammer breakout bench, DTH pipe dismantling tools, hammer cylinder loose tools



1. for disassembling the dth hammer 
2. easy operation 
3. low cost 
4. for 3" to 8" hammers 

Products Feature

 DTH  Hammer Breaout Bench


There are two kinds of bench to disassemble the dth hammers. The hammers range can be 3" to 8".



The operation method as below:

1). Put hammer on the bench.

2). Adjust the position of the hammer and wrench; use wrench to block the top sub side of hammer; let wrench and jack in the same face.

3). Fix K-shaped base with nut.

4). Fix wrench with nuts.

5). Shake handle of jack slowly till top sub away from hammer.

6). After top sub dismantled, grease the jack, release nuts, discharge the K-shaped base and turn around the hammer.

7). Adjust the position of hammer and wrench; use wrench to block the drive chuck of hammer; let wrench and jack in the same face.

8). Fix hammer

9). Fix K-shaped base and the wrench with nut.

10). Shake handle of jack slowly till drive chuck away from hammer.



The standard motor request power source with 3phase, 380V,50Hz. we can adjust the motor as customers request.


Main Technical Data


Operating principieby hydraulic jack
by electric motor
Operate hammers3-5"6-8"3.5-8"



Detaisl pictures:

product photos for breakout bench.jpg

Complete pictures:

0001.jpg0005.jpg bench 02.jpgbench 03.jpg 




The process of flowsheet:


Production site for breakout bench.jpg


Packing Pictures:

Packing site for breakout bench.jpg


 Factory site:

Factory Site.jpg




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