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Product Description

  concrete accelerator chemical admixture

Quick setting agent can be used in the construction of concrete and mortar. It is used for defense, railway, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and other department of underground engineering and tunnel engineering, rock excavation and mining the seams of the lining. Compared with ordinary concrete pouring, can speed up the construction speed and reduce the cost of the project.
Scope of application:
This series of products are suitable for the construction of underground engineering such as tunnel construction, tunnel construction, water conservancy and other underground projects. The rapid construction and emergency rescue of concrete.


Two. Performance characteristics:
1 this series of products are used in common cement, can be chosen according to the construction needs.
2 after mixing with the latter, the strength of concrete has little effect on the strength of concrete, which is generally 90% or more.
3. Adhesion good, disposable thermal spraying arch is greater than 10cm, spray wall larger than 15cm, less resilience, low concentration of dust, visibility of the working face.
4 alkaline low non-toxic non irritating smell, use not to choke throat is not hot eye.
5 the construction progress of the fast cost low permeability resistance.

Three. Use of methods and precautions:
1 before use, must be aimed at the construction of cement to do the most appropriate varieties and the best dosage of the adaptability experiment.
Recommended dosage of about 6% of cement
2 in the construction should be strictly the water cement ratio control in the 0.45 - 0.4 range, the water cement ratio over the general assembly to influence the setting time and the use effect.
3 when the sand is dry, it can be used to mix the sand and gravel cement into the mixture and spray it immediately; when the water content of sand and gravel is large, the speed setting agent should be added at the feeding port of the injection machine.
4 when the construction condition is poor or when the cement and the product's adaptability is poor, it may be appropriate to increase the dosage.
Shrink wrap. This product should be used up in one time, if not to tie the bag, prevent moisture, otherwise it will affect the use effect.



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