ASME-MRB Бесконтактный Магнитный серводвигатель с высоким крутящим

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ASME-MRB Non-contact Magnetically Encoded High Torque Servo Motor

Product Description

Servo Model: ASME-MRB 

The new upgrade shocked the market, ultra-stable, run smooth, super anti-jamming capability. 

Technical parameters: 

Operating voltage: 12V to 24V (DC) (This means that regardless of 12V or 24V voltage between any one can be used) 

No-load current: <500mA 

Maximum torque: (24V) (actual, non-theoretical value) 

                       (24V) (actual, non-theoretical value) 

                        (12V) (actual, non-theoretical value) 

                       (12V) (actual, non-theoretical value) 


Angular velocity: 0.5s / 60 ° (60 ° turn requires 0.5s), 24V time; 

                        1.0s / 60 ° (60 ° turn requires 1.0s), when 12V; 

Rotation angle: 360 ° MAX, meaning that the maximum stroke of360 degrees (0 to 360 ° electronic limit adjustable) 

Input mode: pulse signal (remote control, multi-channel servo controller, microcontroller) or an analog voltage signal (potentiometer) 

Pulse signal input range: 0.5ms-2.5ms for all "multi-channel servo controller", "1ms-2ms model aircraft remote control", "SCM", "Arduino" and so on; 

Voltage signal input range: 0V to + 5V 

Control accuracy: 0.32 ° 

Gear Material: Steel 

Dimensions: 95mm X 60mm X 110mm

Use areas: medium and large robots, robotic arms and other high-power high-torque control.2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg

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